Meal Mix for Dogs

Your pet is part of your family and deserves high-quality, fresh, real food. Meal Mix for Adult Dogs helps you easily provide your furry family member with high-quality and nutritionally balanced homemade meals.

Meal Mix for Dogs is a vitamin and mineral mix that helps takes the guesswork out of preparing nutritionally balanced, fresh homemade meals for your adult dog. Use with the recipes and feeding directions provided on our Recipe Creator to prepare a variety of customized, nutritionally balanced meals for your canine companion.

Our Recipe Creator is easy to use. Just click the link, and follow these instructions:

  • First, enter the requested information about your dog, such as weight and activity level.
  • Then, customize your recipe by adding vegetables and/or starches (potatoes, grains or legumes) if desired.

Finally, click “Create Recipe.” The Recipe Creator will generate a recipe, preparation instructions and suggested feeding directions.



Nutrition Facts


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